"You Right, You Not Tall But..."

"Jeannie, you see? You worry you not tall. But you have good smile. Who care tall?” - Mama Mai

I used to hate being short. In television hosting, I would see towering glamazons like Giuliana Rancic (no offense, G!) on TV and think, ‘Ugh… they want someone statuesque to look good on TV!’ Mama Mai would hear me criticizing myself, and every time she had a comeback with [something like], ‘Well… I agree, but instead, you have this…’" 

At first, I thought, ‘Well, that doesn’t make me feel better, Mom!’ It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that Mom was teaching me that it’s way more empowering to verbally accept what just is, whether I like it or not, and mentally surrender it to celebrate what I’ve got that’s great. I may not be as tall as I’d like or as funny as others, but Mama Mai’s words remind me that there’s a hell of a lot more to smile about. So thanks to Mom, I've now accepted I'm not the funniest person alive and I don't have the Iggy butt I want, but I have an infectious laugh and my legs are pretty Instagram worthy. So there.

What about you? What are you ready to trade out for that wonderful quality you have? Sound off below, ladies.