Butterfly In The Skyyyyyyy..I Can Go Twice As Highhhhh

I'm pretty sure when I was watching Reading Rainbow back in the day with Mai BIMH (boyfriend in Mai head) LeVar Burton that I first realized the butterfly is a pretty magical insect. Top that with Mariah Carey's "Butterfly" anthem  (Spread your wings and pruh-pare to flyyy...) and I knew I would have to unite with this flying unicorn someday. Welp, that day has come.   

As you may or may not know I'm soop doop stoked for Mai new show on GSN coming August called Steampunk'd. The teaser is out, featuring all the talented competiting "Makers" (designers, builders, artists) you will see on the show and last week I shared the deets behind one of the looks. I'm excited to share the process behind Look #2, which we'll call Oh Mai Butterfly.

Noogie Thai, (Mai hairless spirit animal hairstylist), walks in with a goodie bag from Michael's craft store, and out pours these fun winged friends that I'm pretty sure had no idea they'd have a home on Mai head in just a few hours. Good thing I washed mai hair that A.M.

The butterflies set the bar. Well, that and when Noogie got a stool to get a better view. Then we was all like "Oh..bitch came to play."

I knew I needed something with height because, yes...I'm short, and the outfit I was wearing needed more help than heels could do. Noogie began to sculpt a wind blown- like wave thru extensions to create an illusion of a Victorian updo. Uzmee, (Mai beautiful make-up artist with some mean Mongolian dumpling recipes), doesn't miss a beat. She gets to work with a single, double, strip, and repeat layering of false lashes. Uzmee knows I'm a lash-a-holic so she fulfilled Mai dreams of having frail, nebulous lashes that luxuriously bat with backround music.

Daniel Musto, (sexy recent b-day boy stylist), knew I just came off a grueling juice fast, so if there was any time to wear something body sculpting, it's now. Next week it's back to truffle fries.

(Kids cover your ears.) There's no way to suck in your breath, have your ribs trussed like a Thanksgiving turkey without saying, together like a without saying "F.M.L" a.k.a. F*ck Mai Life

But hey, it's all worth it in the end 

What a super fun day. Hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as we had fun putting it together. Love hearing your comments below. Til then, I'm gonna make sure these butterflies make it back to their rightful home.