Now that the makers have spent some time together, it seems as if the niceties are lost. Every man for himself! What did you think about J.W. creating his own vision? And ending btwn Ave and Miss Morgan? I def didn't see that coming!

J.W.'s precious geisha idea was well thought out- here I started to notice that as the visionary leader he is, he's more about the grandiose design than the concept of working with a team to complete a project within a specific time frame. I look forward to seeing J.W. repurpose more. To me, that's a huge part of what makes Steampunk fascinating. Lucky for him, he put together a very talented team who did more than pull their weight to win that challenge.

It was hard to see James go. Yes, he could have been a better leader, but he created pieces that worked! There were elements of the assassin room that really stood out. (I'm looking at you, Charles. That mural was sick!) Sadly, overall the judges found it to be a misty mess. Personality clash reared its ugly head and took over their final presentation.

Ok ok..time to talk fashion. Look #1 was really a flash from mai past when it came to Mai 90's, less Steam, more punk. I was feeling a lil under the weather, so we got more of a tea pot kettle spew of steam more than anything. Lol.

But I still rocked the look thanks to Glam and Daniel Musto. Love u guys.

What do you think? Did you agree with the “winners” and “losers” this week?