The Justin and Britney Vibe

One of Mai cardinal rules when it comes to shopping: Don't buy it unless you can see yourself styling it 3 different ways. Welp If y'all follow me on IG you'll see I love this number SO much I've worn this baby, ohhh a few times.


Here's me on Labor day at Soho House in LA:

Here's me and Too Short havin a good ol time while I boho-mized this up a bit with a vintage head scarf:

And now on the Real I gave it a groovy go with stacked platform heels that hi-five'd Jesus:

A jumpsuit is a woman's lazy best friend. We don't have to think about it!!! Denim jumpsuits like the options I'm giving you are great because it's got a THIN, structured shape to it, so you literally are zipping your bod into spanx mode. Mai tip: Shop for a flare leg like this (gives your waist a snaaatched smaller view) and let the hemline graze the floor for ultra Giselle legs. What did you think of our episode of the Real the day this baby was featured??

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Stoned Immaculate
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

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